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Sublimation printing of fabrics and knits. Fashionable patterns for 2024.

Adamex druk solwentowy

Sublimation printing house

See our patterns that we print on fabrics and knitted fabrics.

tkaniny drukowane odzieżowe


Printing on fabrics
and knitted clothing

Druk tkaniny home decor

Home Decor

Printing on fabrics and knitwear
intended for interior design

Tkaniny drukowane

Printed fabrics

Sublimation printed fabrics

Inne druki

Other textile prints

Other possibilities of printing on fabrics

Fashionable patterns on fabrics – trends 2024

Sublimation printing

A modern printing house

We offer the most fashionable fabrics and knitwear. The best quality and durability. Plain or printed fabrics. We have ready-made patterns and we carry out custom-made projects. We offer digital printing on fabrics, digital sublimation printing on patterns and square footage, and transfer printing.

We print on fabrics and knitted fabrics made of polyester or with the addition of polyester.

We make sure that our offer meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We carry out each print on fabric using high-quality equipment and state-of-the-art technology.

We are keen to learn about every technical innovation so that nothing can surprise us. Adamex Fabric Printing.

Druk solwentowy na tkaninach - Łódź

Adamex Printing on textiles Łódź

See the specifics of our activities.

Printing of fabrics and knitted fabrics

We offer various services including printing on polyester fabrics and knitted fabrics. Our projects are characterised by high quality and resistance to damage. The prints are extremely durable and the colours transferred to the fabric are vivid, deep and saturated.

Printing from sheet stock and on blanks

We print our customers’ designs in full and on blanks or create new designs for them. In our wide range of products you will find original graphic designs, referring to current fashion trends with an interesting range of colours created by our designers.

Sublimation transfer printing

Our offer also includes sublimation transfer printing. This is a type of high-quality printing on white or very light polyester substrates containing at least 80% polyester. It is a modern textile printing technology.

Transfer printing

Transfer printing is a method that uses transfer paper to transfer a graphic onto a selected piece of material. The print on the material is perfectly smooth, with crisp colours and edges retained. The technique is used on fabrics and knitwear.

We print for clothing manufacturers, fabric wholesalers, knitwear and others

Our product range.

We print clothing

  • dresses
  • skirts
  • blouses
  • advertising and utility clothing
  • sportswear
  • football sets
  • cycling, bicycle outfits
  • volleyball sets
  • sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts
  • gaiters, leggings, tights
  • swimsuits

We print promotional gadgets

  • masks
  • chimneys
  • multifunctional slings
  • decorative fabrics and knits
  • aprons
  • sports gadgets
  • promotional gadgets
  • cloth bags
  • caps
  • scarves

We print textiles

  • tablecloths
  • curtains
  • poufs
  • umbrellas
  • cushions
  • deck chairs
  • screens
  • banners
  • flags

Printed fabrics

Adamex Printing also offers ready-made printed fabrics and patterns 2023 / 2024 – ready-made and individually designed by our graphic designers.

Fabric printing is carried out using high-tech machines by experienced specialists.

Digital printing on fabrics

We specialize in the best quality digital printing on fabrics and knits. Digital printing on fabric makes it possible to make even a single piece without the additional cost, which is usually the making of a matrix. The method allows for freedom in terms of graphics and complexity. This type of printing is ideal for small orders, taking into account beautiful colors, tonal transitions and graphics with fine details.

Adamex Fabric Printing Company

Fabric and knitwear printing house Adamex is a professional sublimation printing house with more than 20 years of experience in providing industrial customers with printing services on various types of knitted and woven fabrics. We offer digital printing on fabric. Modern technical facilities and experience in the preparation of such orders make our printing on fabric of the highest quality – both in terms of durability and faithful rendering of colors and print proportions.

We serve the entire textile district of Rzgow, Pabianice, Lodz as well as all of Poland and Europe.

Our team

Jakub Lewandowski

Jakub Lewandowski

Marta Lewandowska

Marta Lewandowska

Elwira Adamczewska

Elwira Adamczewska

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Adamex textile printing company

Adamex has been one of the national leaders in printing on polyester fabrics and knits for years. Our philosophy? Customers are partners in business for us. With this approach, we have earned the trust of our partners. And we continue to work to make them satisfied with our services. We systematically invest in state-of-the-art technologies, work on materials from leading manufacturers, and employ excellent specialists. Our machinery and the knowledge, experience and high qualifications of our employees are a guarantee of the quality and durability of our prints.

We specialize in sublimation printing, because it provides the highest quality printing. It allows the use of an unlimited number of colors and tonal transitions, the colors obtained in the sublimation printing process are intense, deep and pure. The precision and sharpness of the edges are preserved even designs with very small elements. Our prints are durable, resistant to weather conditions, washing and cleaning.

Drukarnia tekstyliów - Adamex

We print in meterage on fabrics and knits, as well as on die-cuts – on customers’ fabrics, but we also have polyester fabrics and knits from leading manufacturers.

Our priority is people, so – in addition to investing in equipment and semi-finished products – we rely on great specialists. The knowledge, experience and high qualifications of our employees are a guarantee for customers that their products go into responsible and professional hands. Our customers are long-term partners of the company. It is thanks to mutual cooperation and commitment that we can grow.

All of Adamex’s efforts to raise production standards are done to provide our customers with the highest quality services.

  • We go beyond the standards of fabric and knitwear printing – with color, resolution and durability
  • We take care of the details of every print order we execute on die-cuts and from metrics
  • We carry out the boldest, unusual projects according to our own and the customer’s designs
  • We are valued by thousands of satisfied customers

Design department

We employ experienced designers who keep abreast of trends in the fashion world. They also develop customized designs according to customers’ ideas.


20 years of uninterrupted work have resulted in thousands of orders and customers satisfied with our services.


Sublimation printing provides high precision, allows the most complex designs, including photographs.


For years, we have been investing in modern, innovative technological solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated requirements of our customers.

Lead time

We run a modern goal-oriented company, so we know very well that the key to success is the turnaround time.

Customer Service

Commitment, creativity, planning, control, efficiency – these are the characteristics of our employees’ approach to orders. The result? Efficient execution with optimal solutions.

20 years of experience

druk tkanin i dzianin

The fact that on the Polish market our textile printing house is among the most experienced and can boast the widest range and highest standards of order handling, allows us to constantly develop and meet your growing needs. In addition to a professional machinery park, we also used to invest in the service of our knit and textile printing house, so our customers can be sure that their order is handled by the right specialists.

Many of the companies cooperating with us have been providing us with the ability to perform even the largest orders for printing on fabrics and knitwear for many years. These companies can therefore count not only on the quality we represent, but also on attractive terms of regular cooperation.

sublimacyjny druk tkanin i dzianin
sublimacyjny druk tkanin i dzianin

Many of the companies cooperating with us have been providing us with the ability to perform even the largest orders for printing on fabrics and knitwear for many years. These companies can therefore count not only on the quality we represent, but also on attractive terms of regular cooperation.

solwentowy druk tkanin i dzianin

Taking advantage of the offer that Adamex Druk Lodz fabric printing house has prepared for you, our customers get the opportunity to make an order on clothing, advertising textiles and knitted fabrics of various lengths and widths.

We invite you to contact us and place orders – we will also be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the right choice of printing on fabric, provided by our textile printing company from Lodz, Poland!

The most fashionable designs

The process of designing patterns is an end-to-end service in our company – from the idea to the production of fabrics and knitwear with designed patterns. Adamex employs experienced designers who keep abreast of trends in the fashion world. As a result, we are able to quickly and efficiently propose the most fashionable, most desirable designs on the market.

Our design department also develops customized designs. Do you have an idea? Our designers will realize it professionally and quickly, and our production department will make it with the latest technology. We design patterning, allover patterns, blouse and dress reports.

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