Chimneys / Scarves

Multifunctional chimneys, or as some call them, multifunctional slings, have become very popular in recent years. This is due not only to their great versatility, but also to their extensive personalization possibilities. What’s more, they have sparked interest among companies looking for additional channels to advertise their business, due to the low cost of production and the fashion for clothing stacks.

Scarves, multifunctional chimneys and masks.

What are they made of?

Komin drukowany
Komin drukowany

Clothing chimneys and bonnets are produced from elan-cotton, a combination of polyester and elan. Adamex Textile Printing offers a fabric weight of 145 gsm, which ensures durability for long seasons of use.

Printed chimneys - stand out!

However, a chimney sling alone is not enough. After all, the most important thing is the original design. Therefore, we make scarves printed by sublimation. This guarantees beautiful, vivid and saturated colors of any design. Our production method makes the printing permanent and indelible.

You can either have us make your own design or use ready-made proposals from our portfolio. On a daily basis, we make printed chimneys for apparel manufacturers, sports companies and advertising agencies. We offer fast turnaround time even for bulk quantities. We accept online orders as low as 100 pieces.

Komin chusta drukowana Adamex

Sports and hiking slings - why are they so popular?

Komin chusta drukowana Adamex

It must be admitted that we can’t wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt with our favorite design for every occasion. Not every sports club or company can afford more sophisticated ways of corporate identity. Multifunctional slings work perfectly in such situations.

Sporting chimneys can be worn in different variations:

  • a single headband resting on the forehead
  • a headband to support long hair
  • bandama
  • pirate handkerchief
  • hair elastic
  • scarf
  • mascot
  • scarf
  • hat
  • wristband
Komin chusta drukowana Adamex

Multifunctional slings and chimneys


Depending on how it is worn, the visibility of the print will be different. That’s why we focus on clear, large and recognizable graphics, e.g. logos, colors of a sports team or company. Do you run a club, agency or produce apparel? Contact us and together we will choose the best solution!

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