Printing on fabrics and knitwear

Until recently, creating the effect of a pattern embedded in a material was extremely difficult to achieve. Fortunately, today – thanks to modern technology – performing this kind of service is no longer problematic.

Perfect quality

All, realized by us orders are characterized by high quality workmanship and resistance to damage. Prints made on polyester are extremely durable and there is no possibility of detachment or breakage. Colors transferred to a given material are characterized by juiciness, have “deep”, saturated colors and give the impression of being embedded in the fabric. Thanks to the use of sublimation printing technology, it is possible to use an unlimited number of colors while achieving tonal transitions and maintaining sharp edges at the same time.

In our offer you will find various types of services that include in their scope the mentioned printing on polyester fabrics and knits, such as:

  • fleece
  • jacquard
  • lace
  • elana
  • lycra
  • cooolmax
  • softshell
  • sports knits
  • flagships
  • technical fabrics
  • upholstery fabrics
  • decorative fabrics
  • chiffon
  • tulle
  • satin
  • and many, many more

What is important is that the printing done on polyester fabrics and knitted fabrics makes it possible to aesthetically transfer even very small elements, such as the company’s logo, for example.

Our company carries out both orders considering small production batches, samples and, above all, large-volume printing. We carry out printing on polyester materials by sublimation and digital, screen or offset trasnfer printing, depending on the needs and volume of implementation.

Learn more about sublimation

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