Transfer printing

Transfer printing is one of the printing techniques that has been widely used in various fields, such as the apparel industry, advertising, interior decoration and many others. This is the process of transferring an image or design from the transfer paper to the target surface using high temperature and pressure.

The transfer printing process begins with the preparation of the design or image to be transferred to the surface. This can be a logo, graphic, photo or other design to be reflected on the target material. The design is then printed on special transfer paper using a sublimation printer or other printing technology.

Once the design is printed on the transfer paper, it goes to the transfer phase. The transfer paper is placed on a target surface, such as fabric or an advertising item. The whole thing is subjected to high temperature and pressure using a heat transfer press or other specialized machine.

Under the influence of high temperature, the ink on the transfer paper changes from a solid to a gaseous state (sublimates) and penetrates the structure of the target material. Under pressure, the pattern transfers to the material, creating a durable and abrasion-resistant image.

Examples of designs printed in our company

Where is the most popular transfer printing?

Transfer printing is particularly popular in the apparel industry, where it enables the creation of unique and custom designs on fabrics. This allows personalization of clothing, such as custom printing of T-shirts, tracksuits, caps, etc. With transfer printing, you can also achieve special effects, such as printing with metallic, glitter or fluorescent effects.

In the advertising field, transfer printing is often used to create banners, posters, flags, stickers and other advertising materials. Thanks to its durability and high image quality, transfer printing ensures a striking appearance and long-lasting printed materials.

Transfer printing vs. interior decoration

Transfer printing also has applications in interior decoration. It can be used to create canvas paintings, wallpaper, wall panels, pillows, curtains and many other decor items. This allows you to customize the interior to your liking and create unique arrangements.

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