Sublimation paper

Using modern printing technologies, we want to provide you with a comprehensive service for everything related to our industry offerings. One of the more interesting items on this list is certainly the thermal transfer method, for which a special sublimation paper is used. Thanks to it and subjecting its surface to a certain temperature, today we can make prints on many backings – T-shirts and other textile products.

Sublimation paper also has an advantage over other printing methods, as the technology allows the user to transfer graphics with very high resolution – such as a digital photo. Besides, a single transfer of the design to the material is very economical in this case, as it generates even trace costs. It is therefore great as an alternative to other advanced methods, and for a small order run (although larger series of products are also viable using sublimation paper).

In our specialized printing shop, we use sublimation paperevery day to meet your requirements. Special ink is needed to print it, and a professional press should be used for handling. However, nothing prevents us from doing only the printing, and so give you the finished sublimation paper for any use.

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