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ADAMEX DRUK Lodz – the best textile printing house in Poland and Europe.

We offer printed fabrics – the best quality, prices, deadlines. We print on entrusted materials but also have our own fabrics and patterns – ready-made and individually designed by our graphic designers.

Printed fabrics
- wide selection of fashionable designs

Latest Trends 2024 and 2025!

We offer fabrics (cotton fabrics, artificial fabrics, synthetic fabrics) and polyester knits, which we print and recommend for sublimation transfer printing. These are materials of different weights, compositions and textures, which perfectly accept dye. Prints on them have juicy and indestructible colors.

We also print on entrusted materials.

We offer high quality fabrics:

  • chiffons,
  • crepes,
  • satin,
  • barbi,
  • armani,
  • georgette,
  • knitwear,
  • sweatpants,
  • jersej,
  • punto,
  • waterproof fabrics,
  • orthalion,
  • pumi,
  • satin,
  • velour,
  • flaush.
Polyester printed fabrics are an excellent material that has versatile applications in the textile industry and as decorative fabrics.
Our materials come mainly from Polish and Italian manufacturers. In their composition, they have a predominance of polyester – a requirement for the print to be durable and clear.
Trendy w druku tkanin

In the garment industry
Women's and men's clothing, for production:

  • women’s clothing,
  • dresses,
  • formal gowns,
  • blouses,
  • swimsuits,
  • jackets,
  • shirts and more.
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Fabrics available with us, can have other versatile uses and you can produce from them:

  • bags,
  • bags,
  • backpacks,
  • handbags,
  • masks
  • multifunctional chimneys,
  • multifunctional slings,
  • muffs,
  • kidneys,
  • Covers,
  • aprons,
  • umbrellas,
  • awnings,
  • curtains,
  • curtains,
  • headrests,
  • cushions,
  • swings,
  • pet beds,
  • bicycle accessories,
  • sportswear,
  • promotional clothing,
  • waterproof covers,
  • images,
  • wall graphics,
  • screens and beach chairs
  • And other gadgets on fabrics, etc.

Fast turnaround time for printed fabrics

The printed fabrics and knitted fabrics available in our offer are made of polyester and blends of polyester with other fibers, have a width of 150 – 160 cm and a weight of 45-300 g/m². These are strong and durable materials that can be used to create exceptional and unique products, characterized by durability and water resistance, as well as an attractive appearance.

Polyester knitted fabrics are an excellent material, among other things. for skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, shorts as well as sweatshirts and sweatpants, leggings, caps, scarves, women’s blouses, sports shirts, chimneys, swimsuits and much more.

We create new, original designs, but we also digitally print our customers’ designs. We provide assistance in developing and refining customer designs for the best possible end result. In our offer you will find original graphic designs, referring to current fashion trends with an interesting range of colors designed by our designers or choosing prints from catalogs of world designers available with us.

Thanks to modern digital printing technology, we get endless color and design possibilities. Digital printing, like no other, gives you the opportunity to print each individually prepared order. The technique produces a full-color print with tonal transitions. The fabric on which the above printing method is applied does not lose its quality and functionality.

Print Features:
  • Extremely durable and waterproof (all textiles can be washed and ironed),
  • The materials are completely resistant to UV rays,
  • The colors are durable and intense,
  • unlimited design possibilities,
  • direct print from file,
  • Beautiful, vivid colors, photographic quality printing,
  • precise arrangement of the pattern on the supplied blanks,
  • own design studio,
  • printing using eco-friendly dyes.

Printed fabrics:

Tkaniny zadrukowane

We offer a wide selection, high quality service, transparent terms of cooperation and fast delivery of orders. The price that clients pay for an order is attractive and proportional to the difficulty of the commissioned project.

Placing orders

Adamex Print is not a traditional online store that only offers a limited range of designs and fabric types. We offer our customers a wide selection of ready-made prints and the possibility to create new, unique ones based on original designs.

What is the way of placing orders?

On our site, we do not insert selected projects into a virtual shopping cart. Orders are accepted through the Customer Service Office and the Printing House Sales Representative.

Order details should be sent by email to:

Or present them in person at the company’s headquarters.

What information must the order contain?

Principal’s data and contact person’s data

Weaving – indicate the type of material

Design – indicate the design of your choice (from our portfolio or your own)

Our team reviews the details of the order and in response to it provides the customer with the necessary information such as price, lead time, delivery costs and payment terms.

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