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Transfer sublimation printing

Transfer sublimation printing is a type of high quality printing of white or very bright polyester substrates containing at least 80% polyester. It is a modern technology of textile printing, which allows to obtain permanent colouring of fibres. The biggest advantage of sublimation printing is that the final print has a very high quality and can have an unlimited number of colours and elements. Prints made in this way are undetectable to the touch and resistant to weather conditions.

The sublimation transfer printing process is one of the best printing methods. It consists in the original printing of any pattern with sublimation inks on paper. Then the obtained pattern is reprinted on white polyester material or other synthetic substrate by means of a flat or roller thermopress. This technique allows for the use of an unlimited number of colours, obtaining tonal transitions, high precision, durability and sharpness of the edges and perfect smoothness of the print – the effect of sinking into the material. The prints are indestructible and the outfits do not lose their breathable properties even with intensive use in extreme conditions.

We Are Distinguished by the Possibility of Combining Several Printing Techniques

In digital sublimation transfer printing we use the following technologies:


Advantages of sublimation printing on fabrics

Excellent print quality

Durable, intensely saturated with colours, undetectable to the touch print – the effect of sinking into the material. This printing technology allows the use of an unlimited number of colours, tonal transitions. 

Perfect edge sharpness

Prints made using this method are characterized by high precision, sharp edges and perfect smoothness.

No visible raster

The method of dye application results in the lack of a raster printout structure.


The use of thermal heating guarantees the highest quality and durability of the print. The print is resistant to weather conditions, abrasion, washing, ironing.


Sublimation printing allows for precise and aesthetic printing of small elements and logos.


You do not have to limit yourself to one pattern or to the number of colours in the pattern. With this technology you can even print small production batches or samples.


We carry out orders from 1 piece up to large-scale production.

Low costs

Printing on fabrics using the sublimation method is affordable. It does not require expensive material preparation and equipment used. It is even cost-effective to prepare printing on individual products.


The dyes that are used in the sublimation printing technique are harmless to the environment. They are produced on a water-based basis, rather than using a solvent. Clothing with such a print can be worn by both children and adults without worrying about its harmful effects on health.

What is sublimation transfer printing?

Sublimation transfer printing is a type of technique created for fabrics with at least 80% polyester in their composition. Printing on polyester using the aforementioned method allows for complete coloring of the fibers of the materials on which it is used thus guaranteeing full coverage of the fabric. It is worth mentioning that such printing on textiles is characterized by extremely high quality. Adamex sublimation printing shop therefore offers printed fabrics and knitwear on which the colors are permanent. The printing method used means that the materials do not lose quality.

What is sublimation printing on fabrics?

In practice, sublimation printing is a type of technology that consists of several steps. The first is to print the selected design on paper. For this purpose, it is necessary to use sublimation inks. In the second instance, the pattern is transferred to the selected polyester fabric. The aforementioned transfer is carried out using either a flatbed or roller thermopress.

Advantages of sublimation transfer printing on fabrics

Printing on polyester has many advantages that cannot be attributed to any other technology of its kind. This is because it allows an unlimited number of colors or elements. The printing done in this way from the meter or on blanks is imperceptible to the touch, and it is not affected by the harmful effects of weather conditions. Another of the advantages of sublimation printing that cannot be overlooked is precision.

This is because the use of sublimation printing makes it possible to achieve the effect of tonal transitions in combination with full edge sharpness. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the fabrics on which the discussed printing technique has been applied maintain breathability.

Sublimation transfer printing / sublimation printing is a technologically advanced method that makes it possible to produce almost any design, even the most complex. As a result, it can be successfully used to apply small patterns to fabric without worrying about maintaining their form or color.

The advantage of sublimation printing on fabrics is its durability. The sublimation method makes the print hard to scratch or peel off. Sublimation printing is ideal for the production of sportswear that must be washed frequently.

Advertising products or apparel with sublimation printing gain in quality, which certainly affects the positive image of the company.

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